Breaking: Leaked DNC Emails Reveal Obama To Fund ISIS If Trump Wins

Brace yourselves! Recently leaked DNC emails reveal what we’ve known all along: Obama has ties to ISIS.

The recent investigation into Anthony Weiner has revealed more damaging Clinton emails. How damaging? Let’s just say Clinton wont be the only one locked up if justice is served. As it turns out, Anthony Weiner may have been using these emails as blackmail to force Obama to pardon him for his sex crimes.

Several emails between the Clinton campaign and Obama reveal his sinister plan to destroy our country according to FBI agents who have chosen to stay anonymous at this time for fear of their safety.

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Though the specifics of the emails are being kept quiet for now, sources say they contain evidence of  treason. Highly altered receipts to phony charities along with evidence of an overseas account lead investigators to believe Obama has been funneling money into a secret account in order to fund ISIS if Donald Trump wins.

One email in particular is quite alarming. According to one agent, Obama vows to stop Trump by “any means possible.”

“We believe that Director Comey isn’t releasing the emails to the public yet because Democrats have been threatening to kill him. However, my fellow agents have turned them over to the CIA and they are tracking the money overseas so that we can nail this lying traitor to the wall,” the anonymous agent said.

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Why isn’t this monster behind bars already? Who knows what other unspeakable acts by “our President” are being hidden from us. It’s time we take America back. Vote to make “America Great Again” Novemeber 8th.