BREAKING: It’s Happening–Obama Orders Nat Guard To All Airports, Gun Checkpoints At State Lines

Obama is using the tragedy in Fort Lauderdale, where a man proven to be on the¬†government’s payroll committed horrible acts of terrorism today, as an excuse to mobilize the National Guard, declare martial law and confiscate your guns. After years of predictions that this would be how Obama would stay in power as supreme dictator, it’s finally coming true.

The state militias are recommending that everyone bar themselves inside their homes and safeguard their weapons and supplies, as troops trained during Jade Helm 7 have been ordered to state lines to run license plates and stop anyone with an unregistered firearm. They have orders to fingerprint you right there at the checkpoints and inject you with an RF tracking chip if they believe you are a “threat to national security.”

Again, the time to fight hasn’t yet begun. Trump, who has been “quarantined” inside Trump Tower “For his own safety,” says that he will Tweet the all-clear as soon as his generals have taken the Pentagon, if necessary. Inside the Cheyenne Mountain complex, members of the country’s wealthiest families are being sent off-world to await a resolution to the crisis.

If you have a bunker and have been prepping for this, the time has come for you to disappear until you hear the blowing of “Glory, Glory Hallelujah” on trumpets, either live outside or over the radio at frequency 910.53 mHz. Do not panic. If you are captured it is best to not resist and to await reinforcements from our Russian comrades.

God Bless you all. God Bless Donald Trump.

Update–The all-clear hasn’t been sounded, but Trump’s generals are currently negotiating a truce with Stargate Command at Cheyenne. At least we know the people with money are safe. If the sht hits the fan at least we can count on them to re-invest when it’s over and create jobs in clean coal.

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