BREAKING: House Leadership Leaks Articles Of Impeachment For Obama On Thursday Schedule

Their first order of business is the gavel in. Then they’ll have a prayer from a Southern Baptist Minister. Then, according to a schedule leaked by the leaders of the freedom Caucus, the US House of Representatives will begin debating articles of impeachment for Barack Hussein Obama.

Rep. Troy Butterfield (R-N Dakota) will present the argument that Obama should be impeached before the inauguration of Donald Trump to add legitimacy to Trump’s presidency:

“As long as Trump is in Obama’s shadow,” said Butterfield, “he will never truly be able to lead. The only way we will be able to move our great country forward is by impeaching Obama for breaking the constitution and abuse of his executive power.”

The fear is that while Obama enjoys a nearly 60 percent approval rating, Trump’s continues to fall. The fact that he lost the popular vote and took the White House without a clear majority mandate will certainly hurt his ability to conduct the business of the president without constantly being compared to Obama, who people overwhelmingly support and trust.

Rep. Anton Scagliaro (R-W Virginia) says that Trump has the support of enough people to make his presidency look legitimate, but if they don’t do something about Obama’s legacy, there’s no way he has a chance of reelection in 2020:

“This is a fluke we can’t afford to hope for again. Had it not been for 77K well-placed votes in a dozen counties, we’d be swearing in President Clinton,” said Scagliaro, “If we want to keep control, we need to be realistic and take the necessary steps to discredit Obama’s good name as soon as possible.”

With nobody to pardon him, because they’d make sure the impeachment happened on January 19th after 2PM, when all business moves to the following day, Obama would go down in history as a failed administration, at least to those of us who watch and read real news like Fox and Breitbart.

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If the House is successful, it will have been the second time in less than a year that a BS agenda was used to discredit a decent person to further Trump’s career in politics. Luckily, that’s just what 62 million people really, really want. The other 210 million can go to hell.

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