BREAKING: Hillary Clinton’s Death NOT A Suicide

The Westechester County, New York Coroner uis saying tonight that what initially looked like a suicide is turning out to be more likely a murder in the Hillary Clinton case. Clinton, who was seen in public just fine less than 3 days ago, was found dead in a chair by her pool earlier with an injection of dilaudid big enough to stifle a horse in her arm.

The medication bottle, needle, syringe and everything else in her immediate area had no signs of another person near her and video footage shows that she was alone. Those clues, however, are what led the coroner to his final conclusion:

“What we found was that Clinton had a history of opiate abuse nobody knew about. The bottle she was given was mislabeled to represent dosage. What she pulled into thesyringe she probably thought would give her a nice high. What she got instead was a hot dose of liquid death.”

Investigators say the dilaudid had been replced with the pure version on the pharmacy shelf before it’s watered down to doctor specs. The kick Clinton got was “ten times” what she thought she was getting.

Now the question turns to who tried to kill Hillary Clinton and why. With only about 65 million enemies and not a whole lot of friends, police will have their work cut out for them.


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