BREAKING: GOP Governor Proves Every Liberal Wrong About Food Stamps

Maine Governor Paul LePage just proved every liberal in America wrong when it comes to food stamps. One of the favorite mantras of the American snowflake is that there’s less than 2 percent waste and fraud in the SNAP (food stamp) program. LePage decided to put an end to the myth with some good old fashioned investigative police work.

He ordered the Maine State Police to start going undercover at popular shopping centers for food stamp recipients. They kept tabs on what people bought and how they paid for it. What they found out was astonishing.

While it seems like people are spending all of their food stamps on food, they did catch quite a few people trading their benefits for 50 cents on the dollar at some of the shadier food stores in town. Most of the people trading for cash were doing so to support some kind of a habit, like cigarettes, alcohol or drugs.

They also found that on big shopping trips, people would pay for their food first and then pay for non-food items with cash afterwards. Sometimes they would spend as much as 30 or 40 dollars on things like cleaning supplies, cigarettes and even beer and wine. Shouldn’t that money be spent on food before taking from our paychecks?

All in all the police made 2031 reports over a 10 week period and found that 42 people were spending their money fraudulently in one way or another. Another 320 people were deemed to be “spending irresponsibly” by buying too much junk food or not using coupons that were available. In the end, 11 people were arrested and 38 were kicked off of the program, saving the taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars.

The sting, a bold initiative by a bold governor, proved once again that giving away free stuff isn’t the solution to the problem. Lepage has another one planned for later this year that will be double in size with a budget of nearly $2.3 million. That should do some damage to the freeloaders looking to score from our hard work.

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