BREAKING: First Images Of Bombs Being Dropped On North Korea Released

The US Government is releasing images of the bombing of North Korea by its neighbor to the South. In the first act of serious aggression since the end of the Korean Conflict, South Korea used US-provided Tomahawk and Sidewinder missiles fired from both stationary and mobile platforms.

Admiral Fitzwallis of the Pacific Fleet says North Korea’s ability to wage war has been “seriously diminished”:

“Pyongyang is now looking at a nation in total blackout. There are zero power stations left. The military is decimated. They never got a single plane off the ground or boat in the water. Kim Jong Un is currently on the run and the world’s most wanted man.”

South Korean President Mao Tin Hut says the rubble that was North Korea will be annexed by the south and become one beautiful country again as Buddha intended. Soldiers of the North Korean army who disarm and burn their uniforms will never be sought after or tried unless they’re already wanted for crimes against the people.

Here are the images released by the US government. Admiral Fitzwallis says the operation, planned mostly by President Trump and Mao Hut, was the fastest and most decisive victory in the history of mankind:

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