BREAKING: Feds Found Out Who Killed JFK In 2010–Obama Covered It Up

Early in 2010, a special investigation was ordered by the Justice Department¬†after new evidence in the assassination of JFK came to light. According to recently declassified documents, the FBI and NSA both received tips at the same time that were so credible they couldn’t ignore them.

In the past, three theories have been circulated, with each being accepted by different groups. First is the lone gunman theory that Lee Harvey Oswald killed JFK on his own that is the preferred story of law enforcement who were ashamed that they lost a President. A single man from an open window couldn’t have been stopped or foreseen.

Next are the conspiracy theories. Either the Russians, the Cubans or the American mafia had JFK killed because of his stance on communism and crime. Then there are those who believe our own government did it because he was looking to create peace in a time when those in power wanted to go to Vietnam.

As it turns out, it was none of the above. According to the investigation, which is complete with a new film and pictures set to be released by the Freedom of Information Act in 2037, it was the Iranians who killed JFK over concerns that his energy policies would undermine their flow of oil.

The two men who pulled the triggers gave sworn testimony to their Ayatollah and were rewarded with houses and millions of dollars for their families before being executed to keep them quiet. They were considered great heroes and “martyrs” in Iranian intelligence circles.

All of this came out in 2010 but Obama sidelined it with an executive order to keep it under wraps for another 27 years so people wouldn’t turn against Iran when there was a nuclear deal already in the works. According to an aide for Hillary Clinton, who was Secretary of State at the time, the administration also wanted to keep from “offending” the Iranians with accusations of murder.

Take that in for a moment. President Obama and his lackey Hillary Clinton would rather sweep the murder of one the world’s greatest statesman under the rug so they could have their horrible nuclear deal that did nothing but makes Iran stronger.

Let’s face it…they did it because they were working on turning this country into yet another Muslim nation. Thank God Trump came along.

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