BREAKING: ‘Fact-Checker’ Snopes Caught In The Biggest Fake News Scandal Of The Year has been allegedly fact-checking articles on the internet since 2002. By 2005, reports that the site had an obvious liberal bias began to surface. They fought back by claiming they were non-political Canadians, but it was discovered that the original founders were actually Democratic activists who raised money for Al Gore.

In 2006, they sold the site to supposedly unbiased reporters who spent the next year making sure all of their articles were indisputable in order to build their credibility. Now, more than 10 years later, Snopes is used by news organizations and social media platforms to determine what is fake news and what is not.

This morning, after an extensive investigation by Fox News at the request of the White House, it was proven that Snopes doesn’t just have a liberal bias but has been establishing itself for years for the sole purpose of providing counterintelligence against the next Republican president.

Now that Trump has won, conservative news has been being tagged as fake news by Snopes in staggering numbers. In conjunction with Facebook, Snopes has become how fake news is flagged. After this morning’s revelation, Snopes is reportedly shutting down and printing retractions for nearly 1500 pieces of conservative news that was purposely flagged as fake to hide the truth from the American people.

Let that sink in. One single website was able to build enough of a reputation that everything they print is taken as gospel. Liberals have certainly figured out how to use the media as a weapon. They tell the story and their own source confirms it. It’s like nothing we’ve ever seen before in America

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