BREAKING: Donna Brazille Dies In Fiery Car Crash After Admitting She Helped Clinton With…

Former DNC chair and political strategist Dona Brazille was killed when her brakes failed this afternoon, sending her careening off a cliff in southern California to her death. Her 2016 Mercedes-Benz exploded on impact, making it impossible for any evidence of wrongdoing to be collected had there been any.

The California attorney general, Joe Weissman, said there would be no investigation as it was a cut and dry accident. Hillary Clinton, through a spokesman, told reporters:

Brazille’s loss will resonate deeply through the Democratic party. Her death comes at a time when Fox news had just reported FALSELY that she took responsibility for forwarding debate questions, which she certainly did not.

Hopefully, people won’t disrespect her memory by continuing to ask these ludicrous questions of whether or not there was cheating during the debate.”

Yeah. Hopefully. Looks like for their own good they had better stop answering questions. Yet another one down, eh Killary?


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