BREAKING: Donald Trump Jr. Officially Charged With Collusion, Has 24 Hours To Surrender

A federal prosecutor has crossed a line he should never have crossed when he jumped the gun and charged Donald Trump Jr. with collusion. Gordon Nordbaum, US Attorney for the 18th district, has filed charges in federal circuit court without consulting with the Attorney General.

Attorney General Sessions says individual US Attorneys have the right under law to file cases without approval from above. The law is intended to keep unrelated matters, chain of command and conflicts of interest from arising.

Nordbaum, who is a 20-year veteran of the US Attorney’s Office, says he believes there is enough evidence to try and convict DJT Jr. for his contact with the Russian government:

“Nothing will change that Donald Trump is president. That’s not the point. There isn’t some secret plan to put Hillary Clinton on some throne because of these emails. What we do want is for the American people to understand that there were forces at play here that will certainly be back in play in 2018, 2020 and so on.

By stopping people like Don Jr. from openly accepting invitations to accept information not vetted that stand to interfere with a national election, we’re sending a message that our democracy is sound and that we will root out the foreign influence no matter what.”

President Trump went somewhat ballistic, according to our source inside the West Wing, before he told a reporter for the Springfield Herald, “Who cares? I’ll just pardon him.” He then pointed to himself and said, “President.”

That’s how you deal with libtards right there.

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