BREAKING: Disgusted Generals Walk Out On Obama During Iran Briefing

Three United States Generals were so disgusted with President Obama during a briefing on Iran that they resigned on the spot and walked out of the meeting. The Generals had all flown to Hawaii to meet with the President in the mobile command center of Air Force One.

General George Hammond, commander of the Cheyenne Mountain complex, said that what Obama had suggested was simply intolerable from a military standpoint and that he could no longer support President Obama. He resigned his commission after nearly 130 SG missions.

General Z.A. Brannigan, one of Obama’s most trusted advisors, was also completely outraged at the suggestions made by Obama. He tendered his resignation after 30 years, four purple hearts and 7 seasons as a consultant on a popular sci-fi television show.

None of the men was willing to continue working after hearing Obama’s stance on Iran.


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The greatest loss to our military is by far General Lando Calrissian, who led the rebels to victory against the second Death Star. Without him, the country faces losing support from the Jedi council, which as we know almost ALWAYS ends up with another dude in a mask running things for an even worse dude in a hood. Thanks, Obama.

When asked why they were resigning, all three of the generals said the same thing. Obama asked them to respect Donald Trump’s wishes and serve him as though he were qualified to be commander-in-chief even though he’s not fit to lead a middle school marching band.

Big mistake.

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