BREAKING: Dems And Celebs Scramble As ‘Senator Sex Plane’ Leaks His Customer List

Four US Senators and eleven US Representatives were frequent flyers aboard the SS Whorehouse, which is what Senator Harold Sherman’s (D – VT) private 737 has been come to be known by in liberal circles. Sherman, working out a plea deal to spend only 18 months in jail in exchange for dirt from the plane’s roster.

Dirt is exactly what they got. Democrats were astounded when they heard names like John Rutherford and Scott Taylor. They already have an uphill battle without the scandal that now surrounds David Kustov and Lloyd Smucker. If the liberals lose more seats they’ll be in very bad shape.

New reports also state that the Senator has updated lists and rosters for upcoming events on his hard drives at home. The FBI and Homeland Security have secured Sherman’s home and office and are sifting through a sea of evidence.

Besides those mentioned, other prominent Democrats like Jason Lewis and John Faso have already announced their “retirement.” Faso, a 26-year veteran from New Jersey said:

“It’s unfortunate that grown, consenting adults have to suffer so others can gain on them politically. Your morality isn’t mine. I reject your judgment.

That being said I also resign from Congress, because this kind of microscopic attention is something my family and I can do without.”

Faso’s wife was unavailable for comment.

So far only one photo has been released to the press but we’ve been assured a short wait.

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