BREAKING: Democrat Senator Running A Ponzi Scheme Caught In Bed With A Dead Prostitute

Democrat Senator Paul Staubber (D-DE) was already in hot water and under investigation for running a Ponzi scheme when he was found asleep in a bed in a hotel in Atlantic City spooning a dead prostitute. The girl’s death was ruled an overdose.

Staubber’s office had little to say other than the senator is an adult, divorced man who is free to engage in consensual sex. They say the woman, identified as Candy Kane, 19, wouldn’t have considered the senator a customer and never took a dime from him. Police who know her say she was never under suspicion for prostitution when she was seen with the senator.

So how does a young woman who recognizes and likes a United States senator end up dead in his bed? According to the coroner, it was heroin. Police also confirmed that heroin was found in the woman’s possession and traces were found in her car. The senator isn’t being charged with a crime.

Looks like another Democrat gets to walk out of the fire unburned.


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