BREAKING: Deleted Scene From Doctor Phil Showed Megyn Kelly’s Darkest Secret That May Get Her Fired

Megyn Kelly may have bitten off more than she could chew when her book tour took her to the studio of Dr. Phil. Known for his ability to coax the truth from his guests, Dr. Phil managed to get a tidbit out of Kelly so juicy that he had to delete it before the show was edited and aired because of a contract that guaranteed Kelly some areas of confidentiality.

The subject? Who Megyn Kelly voted for. Yes, it’s that juicy.

Most people would agree that it’s not a stretch to imagine Megyn Kelly refusing to vote for Trump. As an obviously conservative woman working for a fair and balanced network like Fox, however, it’s also hard to believe she would simply abstain and vote down the ballot. She must still have the best interests of the country at heart, right?

Wrong. In a segment that will never make it to the public but was witnessed by a reporter from The Hill, Megyn Kelly admitted exactly how she voted:



To abstain or even to toss a vote at Libertarian Gary Johnson may have been forgivable, but Kelly had other ideas. During the deleted segment, Dr. Phil asked her if she harbored any resentment towards Trump that she wasn’t able to vote during the election or if she had put her personal feelings aside. She answered:

“I did get the chance to vote. I don’t harbor any resentment nor will I offer any resistance towards Donald Trump. My vote went for history and the progress of women.”

Dr. Phil keenly asked if she was referring to Green Party candidate Jill Stein, to which Kelly laughed and said:

“Oh God no. She’s a kook. I think we know who I’m talking about.”

It was at that point that an aide to Kelly came onstage and had the filming stopped, and after a short break, the segment was recorded over again without the leading questions about votes or the incriminating answer. Had a reporter not been in the audience it may have slipped through the cracks, but now we have confirmation that Megyn Kelly, who many saw as a traitor before the show already, voted for Hillary Clinton.

Fox News may now like that very much.


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