BREAKING: CIA Calls OBAMA To Testify Against Trump

Obama left his vacation in Kenya this morning to head to Langley for a sit down with the CIA. It seems the intelligence agency doesn’t like that there’s finally a president in charge who isn’t afraid of them and is looking for anything they can to discredit him.

After landing at Joint Base Andrews to a less than cordial welcome by the United States Marines, Obama was escorted off to CIA headquarters to see how many lies he could tell about Trump. Obama has admitted that he knows very little about the man who replaced him other than he’s “very charismatic” and is already 4 times the president he ever was.

It’s time to write your congressman to let him know that this kind of harassment at the hands of an agency the president is supposed to have control over is absolutely unacceptable. They have some nerve investigating some BS Russian operation when ISIS is at our southern border waiting for the courts to wave them through the door.

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