BREAKING: Charges Filed Against Meryl Streep For Soliciting Violence After Kids Throw Rocks At Trump

Six Middle School Kids from Brooklyn were picked up on 5th Ave in Manhattan today after they were caught throwing rocks at Trump Tower. The kids, 2 boys and 4 girls, said they were just doing what Meryl Streep told them to at the Golden Globes and fighting back against Trump. They couldn’t elaborate and were released to their parents with no charges filed.

The charges, however, won’t go without a home. Meryl Streep, who prosecutors are saying incited violence with her hateful, radical speech about free press and inevitable suffering under a Donald Trump presidency, will be charged with contributing to the delinquency of minors, inciting violence and possibly slander if they can prove her intentions were to cost Donald Trump any of his income.

The warrant, which was sworn by the Honorable Judge Michagobon Mahela Hula Jasperfield, is being transported across the country as we speak, bound for an extradition hearing in Los Angeles. Streep, who knows about her woes, says she won’t comply and return to New York unless a judge from a non-extradition country orders her to. New York has filed papers with Ecuador to expedite the process.

That’s what happens when you take a stab at out next supreme leader, Streep. You pay the price.


BREAKING: Meryl Streep Just Got Fired From A Major Project For Lying About Trump

Update: Ecuador has denied New York’s request to extradite Streep from California. Looks like She’s just another liberal living above the law.

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