BREAKING: 2 Democrat Senators Just Admitted Obama Knew About The Wiretap

Not wanting to be a part of the division and lies the Democrat party has built its foundation on, two Democrat United States Senators have just come forward to admit that Obama did, in fact, order the illegal wiretapping of Trump Tower. Both served as trustees for the DNC and had superdelegate status for the last election.

The senators, Christopher McLean (D-Nebraska) and Lawrence Voight (D-Virginia), lost their seats in the last election and blame the DNC for ousting them so they wouldn’t have a platform to tell their story. Without the backing of their party, the two men have come forward anyway, vowing to tell the truth to protect democracy.

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President Trump, who has been feverishly looking for proof of his claims that even the fake news mainstream media can’t deny, was relieved to hear that the two men, who served on the Senate Intelligence committee and had direct access to Obama, have come forward. Now he doesn’t have to keep tweeting about it to try to convince the people that he’s not just making it up out of thin air.

This is great news for our country. As soon as the illegal wiretap is investigated and deemed true, Obama can be arrested and charged with abuse of power and treason.

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