CONFIRMED: Bill Clinton Has Been Dead For Over A Year

Hold on to your seats, dear readers, because we have just learned of a plot so devious, so insidious and so corrupt that it might finally blow the lid off of the criminal Clinton family and their legacy of lies once and for all.

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After months of exhausting investigations, Last Line Of Defense corespondent Reagan Whitemore has just confirmed that Bill Clinton died on May 7th, 2016 at the Clinton’s Chappaqua, New York home after being released from Northern Westchester, a hospital nearby.

But why was this hidden from America?

Simple, the cause of death was listed as “complications from HIV,” likely from Bill sleeping with every ugly desperate woman who would have him — a diagnosis The Patriot Journal confirmed a few months ago at the link here.

There is no denying Bill was very ill. The lesions are a result of HIV/AIDS.

According to our sources, if Americans found out about the scandal Hillary and her crew of deviants like Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Brian Fallon and Robby Mook knew it would be a a huge embarrassment — and after murders on her watch in Benghazi and her treasonous email crimes, that this would destroy her chances of clinching the presidency.

So, the three of them, as well as others whose identities have not yet been revealed, devised a plan — cover it up until the presidential election vote to make sure Hillary won. Yes, you read that right. This woman is such a despicable cheating loser that she cared more about her political career than honoring her own deceased husband.

According to sources, a few friends and family buried Bill in a low-key ceremony on the Clinton’s Chappaqua property. There have been accusations of Photoshopping images and altering videos to make it seem like he was still alive all that time, but we have yet to confirm solid proof of that exists yet.

Thank the good Lord above that Hillary’s disgusting plan to hide her own husband’s death JUST TO WIN the election didn’t work! And we pray God is smiling down upon all of us who are untangling the lies.

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This is a breaking story. Please check back to The Last Line of Defense for updates on this developing scandal.