Bernie Sanders Dumps The Democrat Party

Bernie Sanders, the man responsible for fracturing the Democrat party and exposing to the far left what a crook Hillary Clinton is, won’t be joining in their reindeer games next session. He will instead remain an Independent while his wife, Jane, uses her influence to completely rebuild the broken Democrat party from the ground up.

When asked by Wolf Blitzer if she thinks people like Howard Dean, a beloved Democrat nitwit who can do no wrong in the eyes of the party, has a future in Democrat politics, she said:

“We can’t be looking at the moderate wing. We don’t want to recreate the DNC of yesterday.”

Here she is telling Blitzer that while she likes Howard Dean, he’s not the voice she wants moving forward:

Basically, you can look forward to a Democrat party that panders even further to the left than before, but don’t count on her husband to lead any charges. it looks like he’ll serve out his days as an independent who will caucus with them when he needs to but will ultimately follow his own agenda.

You can’t blame him, really. He got screwed out of his chance to lose to Trump by those jerks.

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