BREAKING: Obama And Family Refused Entry Into The Country After Vacation

After returning from yet another taxpayer-funded vacation, Barack Obama and his family were held at customs and refused entry into the country. It seems that the executive order Donald Trump signed is still being enforced in the US territory of Guam, where the former first family was headed to spend another week spending more of our money.

The problem was, after leaving their home country of Kenya, the Obamas stopped in Iran to see Barack’s friend the Ayatollah to apologize for Trump’s “arrogance” and to drop off a check to keep them quiet. When they reached Guam, they were refused entry because they were coming from Iran and they are Muslims. They weren’t carrying passports because Obama figured nobody would question his identity.

The family went back to Kenya until the State Department could sort out the mess, but if we learned one thing from this it’s that Trump’s Muslim ban works better than expected.

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