Barack Obama Just Told The Truth About Donald Trump And Moochelle Burst Into Tears

During an interview with Variety Magazine that won’t hit the newsstands until the day after Donald Trump’s inauguration, Barack Obama was asked what stands out most about Donald Trump. After a long pause and a gaze at his wife she will never forget, he said:

“I think that would be his greatness in general. Donald Trump has proven that he’s a bigger man than most; a bigger man than me.”

He took Michelle’s hand as she began to cry and admitted:

“I don’t think anyone will remember much about my administration once Donald Takes office. He’s going to erase it all within days.”

At that point, Michelle was in a full cry. When asked if she thought her husband was wrong, she said:

“Donald Trump will never be half the man my husband is. The Obama legacy will live on forever while the Trump administration becomes the laughing-stock of the world and a bad punchline to a very costly joke.”

At least one of the Obamas knows how to tell the truth. Look for the interview and article in Variety on January 19th, 2017.

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