Alec Baldwin So Drunk He has To Be Removed From Saturday Night Live Cold Open (VIDEO)

Alec Baldwin showed up to do yet another Trump impression on Saturday Night Live but had to be removed halfway through the skit. He was so drunk that he couldn’t be understood at all, mumbling through his lines like a totally unprofessionally bad actor.

It was terrible. Totally unfunny and not worth watching. ¬†Here’s the clip. At just about 10 seconds in, Baldwin had to be escorted away to go sleep it off. It’s hilarious:

Oh, wait. That’s not what happened at all. Geez, I’m sorry. I saw the headline posted on another site and decided to just share it without bothering to read it because, you know, we’re a conservative blog and that’s what we do.

No, it appears as if Trump looks foolish yet again and it probably won’t be long before he embarrasses himself with a twitter tantrum about it. Oh well. Maybe after the new year.

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