After Voting, Trump Picked Up, Drove Black Voters To The Polls In His Limo

Here’s a story you won’t hear about in Crooked Hillary’s corrupt media. After he voted this morning, Donald Trump took his limo into the ghetto and gave black voters rides to the polls.

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“I love the blacks,” Trump said. “I want them to be able to vote just like white people.”

And the blacks loved it too. “It was righteous,” said 27-year-old Harlem resident Derrick Winston. “I’ve never been in a car that big. Mr. Trump gave me a hat and coat to wear, and he even let me drive the car.”

Winston’s neighbor, Lakeishia Washington agreed. “This is something else. Full bar, tvs, you name it. Mr. Trump said we could just help ourselves,” she said.

According to reports, Trump spent over 2 hours picking up ghetto residents and giving them a break from their hellish lives long enough for them to go vote for him.

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“Getting a chance to get out like that…I’ll owe that to Mr. Trump forever,” Winston said. “Our communities are no good, our schools are no good. Most of us are out of work. We’re all excited to help Mr. Trump get elected. This is proof black lives matter to Mr. Trump.”

So much for the media lie about Trump’s racism. Ask these struggling blacks if they think the man who just took them away from their nightmarish life for a few hours is a racist. I bet I know what they’ll tell you. This, my friends, is how we Make America Great Again!

Featured image via Adam Leson/Panoramio

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